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The Decayed is an Order of Death's Vigil Faction Bounty.

Bounty TextEdit

Ghouls, despicable beings and abominations. The weak ones hide in the shadows, skulking about tombs searching for their next meal.

But it is the greater ghouls that should strike terror into the hearts of man. They do not fear the sun, do not fear flame. They are the nightmares with which we must contend.

One such ghoul, we call it Gravvis, has been wandering the Black Sepulcher in the Necropolis. For the sake of Cairn herself, it must be slain.

Gravvis' elimination will be amply rewarded with materials from our stores.


  • Slay Gravvis (0/1)
  • Return to the Order of Death's Vigil Bounty Table

Guide Edit

Gravvis is located in The Black Sepulcher.

Rewards Edit

Component Reward Table
Black Tallow Completed Black Tallow
Chilled Steel Completed Chilled Steel
Corpse Dust Complete Corpse Dust
Deathchill Bolts Complete Deathchill Bolts
Ectoplasm Complete Ectoplasm
Hollowed Fang Complete Hollowed Fang
Polished Emerald Complete Polished Emerald
Spellwoven Threads Complete Spellwoven Threads
  • 5000 Experience
  • +125 Order of Death's Vigil Reputation
  • Random partial Component

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