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Skeletal Golems is a Rovers Faction Bounty.

Bounty TextEdit

Skeletal golems are an abomination, a joining of tortured souls no longer stable enough to exist as individuals. This joining also makes them incredibly powerful and unstable.

Should one ever escape from the ruins below Arkovia, it would wreck havoc across the land. We would rather this never be allowed to happen.


  • Slay Skeletal Golems (0/3)
  • Return to the Rover Bounty Table

Guide Edit

Skeletal Monstrosities and Gargantuans can be found wherever Undead spawn, notably outside and within the Arkovian Undercity.

Rewards Edit

Component Reward Table
Chipped Claw Complete Chipped Claw
Frozen Heart Complete Frozen Heart
Haunted Steel Complete Haunted Steel
Mark of the Traveler Complete Mark of the Traveler
Mark of the Myrmidon Complete Mark of the Myrmidon
Sanctified Bone Complete Sanctified Bone
Scaled Hide Complete Scaled Hide
Venom-Tipped Ammo Complete Venom-Tipped Ammo
Wardstone Complete Wardstone
  • 5000 Experience
  • +150 Rovers Reputation
  • -50 Undead Reputation
  • Random partial Component

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