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Ruination is a Kymon's Chosen Faction Bounty.

Bounty TextEdit

Dark times are ahead. The world is in ruins and it is up to us to restore the broken pieces.

But there is also potential for life to begin anew from the ruins of old. Father Kymon wishes to tap into this potential.

Speak to a smith who knows the ancient ways. Have them create a Ruination Relic for us.

Father Kymon has gathered the Blood of Ch'thon as compensation; for research or destruction, as you see fit.


  • Craft a Ruination Relic (0/1)
  • Deliver Ruination to the Kymon's Chosen Bounty Table

Guide Edit

The Ruination Relic can be crafted at any Blacksmith.

Rewards Edit

The Black LegionDevil's CrossingHomesteadRoversThe Outcast
Kymon's ChosenOrder of Death's VigilAetherialsChthoniansCronley's GangUndead

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