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Bounty: Reanimators is a Devil's Crossing Faction Bounty.

Quest TextEdit

Reanimators are the harbingers of the Aetherial invasion. They supply the enemy with reinforcements and spread corruption with every step.

If you thin their numbers, then that should give the guards of Devil's Crossing a much needed reprieve.


  • Kill Reanimators (0/3)
  • Return to the Devil's Crossing Bounty Table

Guide Edit

The Hidden Laboratory is one of the best places to find Reanimators. Take the rift gate to the Wardens Laboratory and work through the Living Quarters to the Hidden Lab.

Note that Dominators also count.

Also found in Smuggler's Pass and Homestead

Rewards Edit

  •  5000 / 9000 / 15000 XP
  • 800 /4000 / 8000 Iron
  • +75/150/ 400  Devil's Crossing Reputation
  •  -50/-100/-150 Aetherial Reputation