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Manticore Alphas is a Homestead Faction Bounty.

Bounty TextEdit

Manticores are vicious hunters, but their Alphas are the ones you have to watch out for. They are the ones that travel beyond the usual manticore hunting grounds, leading entire packs into new areas.

We cannot allow the Manticores to spread to the areas surrounding Homestead. Eliminate the Alphas around the Jagged Waste and you will be rewarded with iron bits.


  • Slay Manticore Alphas (0/3)
  • Return to the Homestead Bounty Table

Guide Edit

Manticores proliferate in the Jagged Waste, Port Valbury and Port Valbury outskirts but Alphas spawn rarely in Jagged Waste. Mogara also counts as an Alpha.

Rewards Edit

  • 5000 Experience
  • 800 Iron
  • +75 Homestead Reputation

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