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Dreadlords is a Kymon's Chosen Faction Bounty.

Bounty TextEdit

The Order of Death's Vigil goes too far in their pursuit of sacrilegious magic. Their Dreadlords toy with death as if it were a plaything, manipulating the dead as the Aetherials do.

This will not be tolerated. The Dreadlords are to be singled out and made example of.

Anyone willing to take on these fearsome foes will be justly rewarded with iron bits.


  • Slay Order of Death's Vigil Dreadlords (0/3)
  • Return to the Kymon's Chosen Bounty Table

Guide Edit

The Dreadlords can be found at Fort Haron.

Rewards Edit

  • 5000 Experience
  • 800 Iron
  • +125 Kymon's Chosen Reputation
  • -50 Order of death's Vigil Reputation

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