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Bloodfeast is a Homestead Faction Bounty.

Bounty TextEdit

Bloodfeast is a ruthless dranghoul that's been seen rallying the local grobles at a place known as Tyrant's Hold.

Normally, grobles are not much of a threat. They squabble amongst themselves nearly as often as they attack human outposts. But with one such as Bloodfeast leading them, they could pose a serious threat to Homestead.

Bloodfeast must be slain before that happens. A substantial sum of iron bits to anyone that brings his reign to an end.


  • Slay Bloodfeast (0/1)
  • Return to the Homestead Bounty Table

Guide Edit

Bloodfeast the Ruthless is located in Tyrant's Hold.

Rewards Edit

  • 5000 Experience
  • 1200 Iron
  • +150 Homestead Reputation

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