Bone Talisman is an Empowered Relic.

It can be obtained only as a reward during The Lost Elder side quest on Normal difficulty.


(v1.005H2 version)

+5% physique, cunning, sprit

Mana Infusion +100% all damage

Bone Talisman Relic Icon

Bone Talisman

"This chip of bone was meticulously covered with phrases and symbols of spiritual significance to the Rovers."
Empowered Relic

+6% Physique
+6% Cunning
+6% Spirit

Granted Skills

Mana Infusion (Granted by Item)
A soothing mist envelops you, clearing your mind.
110 Energy Cost
75 Second Skill Recharge
10 Second Duration
+22 Energy Regenerated per second
Increases Energy Regeneration by 30%

Required Player Level: 18
Item Level: 22

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