Blight is a Transcendent Relic.

This item can only be acquired by crafting. A Blueprint is required.


Blight Relic Icon


"The master stroke of the nine plagues of Dreeg."
Transcendent Relic

8 Acid Damage
+40% Acid Damage
+50% Poison Damage
+28 Spirit
{{{2}}} 7% Attack Speed
+1 to All Skills in Occultist

Granted Skills

Blight (25% Granted by Item)
Surround yourself with a cloud of blight, countless diseases capable of infecting anything they come in contact with.
90 Energy Cost
16 Second Skill Recharge
8 Second Duration
3.5 Meter Radius
144 Poison Damage over 2 Seconds
20% Chance of Confuse target for 2.5 Seconds
33% Chance for target to Fumble Attacks For 2 Seconds
33% Chance of Impaired Aim to target For 2 Seconds

Required Player Level: 50
Item Level: 50

Completion BonusesEdit

+1 to Blood Burst
+1 to Storm Spirit
+1 to Terrifying Gaze
+1 to Vulnerability
+1 to Mend Flesh
+1 to Second Rite
+1 to Wasting
+1 to Ember Claw
+1 to Destruction
+1 to Armor of the Guardian
+1 to Manipulation

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