Black Tallow Complete "Tallow from a candle burnt during Ch'thonic rituals."

Black Tallow is a Common component for use in Amulets and Medals.

The Blueprint: Black Tallow is available from the Kymon's Chosen and Order of Death's Vigil Faction Quartermasters after reaching Respected status.

Required player level: 24
Item Level: 30


1/3 +4% Chaos Damage
4% Chaos Resistance
2% Less Damage from Chthonics
2/3 +7% Chaos Damage
8% Chaos Resistance
4% Less Damage from Chthonics
3/3 +10% Chaos Damage
12% Chaos Resistance
6% Less Damage from Chthonics


Crafts one Partial Black Tallow Component.

Chthonic Seal of Binding Icon Chthonic Seal of Binding (1)
Riftstone Complete Riftstone (1)

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