Betrayal at Fort Ikon
Fort Ikon Icon
Quest Info

Given by:

Inquisitor Creed


Fort Ikon


The Black Legion


Main Quest


A Forgotten Evil


The Necropolis


XP, Reputation

This is an Act 4 main quest, offered by Inquisitor Creed after completing the A Forgotten Evil quest.

Fort Ikon's Commander Lucius has betrayed the Legion to the Aetherial forces and opened the gates to let them over-run the fort. The Fort gates were blown up to stop them and Lucius fled to the Armory when Legion reinforcements arrived. Creed asks you to help deal with him and clear the gate so that the Black Legion can advance on the Necropolis.


  • Slay Commander Lucius
  • Recover the Heavy Explosives
  • Clear the Front Gates of Fort Ikon
  • Speak to Inquisitor Creed at Fort Ikon


Commander Lucius can be found without trouble in the Fort Ikon Armory. He will drop the Legion Heavy Explosives when defeated. Use the heavy explosives at the nearby Detonation Site to clear the gates.


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 16000 40000 79000
Black Legion

Inquisitor Creed will then offer the Necropolis quest.

Quest LogEdit

Quest log
The Fort is overrun with Aetherials after the fort commander had betrayed humanity to the enemy. The Legion was able to contain the breach by collapsing the front gates, but now the way to the Necropolis is barred by several tons of stone.

It will take some heavy explosives to clear it out, and the only munitions capable of doing so are within the fort armory, where the bloated mutant form of Commander Lucius has fled following the arrival of Legion reinforcements. Put down this Aetherial-Possessed traitor and recover the Heavy Explosives.


  • Slay Commander Lucius
With the traitorous commander dealt with, you must now clear the front gates so that the Black Legion can advance on the Necropolis in force. The heavy explosives left behind by Commander Lucius should suffice.


  • Recover the Heavy Explosives
  • Clear the Front Gates of Fort Ikon
You have opened the way to the Necropolis. Speak to Inquisitor Creed about the next step.


  • Speak to Inquisitor Creed at Fort Ikon

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