Deepmire Warrior

Beastkin races include Slith, Grobles & Dranghouls, Trolls and half-trolls.

Beastkin VariantsEdit



  • Groble Scavenger
  • Groble Tracker
  • Groble Warrior
  • Groble Witchdoctor
  • Dranghoul
  • Dranghoul Enforcer
  • Dranghoul Tyrant


  • Mistborn Brute
  • Mistborn Warrior
  • Mistborn Herder
  • Mistborn Hunter
  • Mistborn Shaman
  • Mistborn Elder
  • Stonewart Troll
  • Stonewart Rager
  • Stonewart Behemoth
  • Trog Blood Drinker
  • Trog Flesh Ripper
  • Trog Blood Mage
  • Underdweller Troll
  • Underdweller Behemoth

Beastkin HeroesEdit

Beastkin BossesEdit

AetherialAether CorruptionArachnidBeastBeastkinChthonicEldritch

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