Battered Shell Complete "A shell that has survived seemingly impossible blows."

Shield Slam (Granted by Item)
Slam your enemy with your shield, disabling lesser foes completely. Requires a melee weapon.

21 Energy Cost

3 Second Skill Recharge

275 Degree Attack Arc

3 Target Maximum

125% Weapon Damage

85-112 Physical Damage

Stun target for 0.5-2 seconds

Battered Shell is a common component for use in Shields.

Required player level: 1

Item Level: 1

Grants Skill: Shield Slam (Granted by Item)

Stats Edit

1/3 +6 Physique
+3% Shield Block Chance
2/3 +10 Physique
+6% Shield Block Chance
3/3 +15 Physique
+10% Shield Block Chance
Shield Slam (Granted by Item)

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