Aetherlord's Signet is an Epic Ring.


Aetherlord's Signet Item

Aetherlord's Signet

"A ring commonly carried by nobles possessed by Aetherial spirits."
Epic Ring

+36% Aether Damage
+22 Spirit
+240 Health
+1.5 Energy Regenerated per Second
15% Aether Resistance
+2 to Albrecht's Aether Ray

Granted Skills

Arcane Blast (10% Chance when Hit by Melee Attacks)
A surge of arcane energies erupts from you, damaging all nearby enemies.
6 Second Skill Recharge
4.8 Meter Target Area
+25% Weapon Damage
145-263 Aether Damage

Required Player Level: 40
Required Spirit: 190
Item Level: 40

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