A Family Crisis
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Stephen Skinner


Kymon's Retreat




Side Quest






XP, Item

This is a small Act 2 side quest that begins when you talk to Stephen Skinner after encountering him at his house in the Arkovian Foothills.

The quest will only activate if you talk to him and offer hope and safety in Devil's Crossing.

If you fail to convince him, or let him burn the house down, you will receive no quest or reward. Stephen Skinner will become attackable and and will drop the Skinner's Torch item.


  • Speak to Stephen Skinner in Devil's Crossing


By following the second line of each dialogue option, Stephen Skinner will accept your offer of safety and he and his family will be teleported to Devil's Crossing. They can then be found in a room on the upper level of the prison. Speak to him and he will offer his thanks for showing him that there is still hope in the world.


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 1000 11000 28000
Item Skinner Family Seal Item Skinner Family Seal

Quest LogEdit

Quest log
Stephen Skinner was on the verge of a horrible murder of his wife and daughter, convinced that death was better than forcing his family to endure the horrors of the grim new world. You managed to talk some sense into him and provided him and his family sanctuary in Devil's Crossing. You should speak to him to see how they are faring.


  • Speak to Stephen Skinner in Devil's Crossing

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