A Cultist in the Midst
Quest Info

Given by:



Burrwitch Village


Devil's Crossing


Side Quest




A Strange Key


This is an Act 1 side quest that begins when you find the Cultist Orders inside a building in Burrwitch Village.

The note provides evidence that Direni is an agent for the Cult of Ch'thon and was responsible for sabotaging the water pump.


  • Confront Direni at Devil's Crossing.


Return to the prison and talk to Direni. You can choose to either kill him or let him live. If you decide to kill him, you will have to fight him. Speak to Captain John Bourbon afterwards.

If you kill Direni you will not obtain the Strange Key from him. However, it can drop from the cultists located in the Cultist's Lair or outside the Depraved Sanctuary, regardless of whether you let Direni live or die, and can be farmed for in these areas.

If you let Direni live, or do not trigger this quest at all, you will encounter Direni again in Act 2 inside Cronley's Hideout, this time siding with Cronley's Gang, and you will have the opportunity to fight him again.


If you kill Direni:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 500 14000 32000
Iron 1000 4000 10000
Reputation +500 (Devil's Crossing)
Item Blood of Ch'thon (1)

If you let Direni live:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 300 12000 27000
Item A Strange Key (quest item)
Item Direni's Directions (note)

Upon receipt of the key from Direni, the A Strange Key side quest will be activated, and the quest item and note can be used to find and unlock the Depraved Sanctuary.


Cultist Orders Location

Quest LogEdit

Quest log
You discovered a curious note within the ruins of Burrwitch.

Inside, you found damning evidence that Direni at Devil's Crossing has secretly been in league with the Cult of Ch'thon, and is responsible for some of the recent troubles that have befallen the refuge.

You should confront him before he has a chance to further sabotage the survivors' only sanctuary.


  • Confront Direni at Devil's Crossing.
Upon seeing the evidence, Direni has become violent and threatens the safety of the denizens of Devil's Crossing.

You must eliminate him before anyone gets hurt.


  • Kill Direni
Direni is dead and John Bourbon of Devil's Crossing will surely want to hear an explanation.

Bring the cultist note to him.


  • Bring Note to Bourbon

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